Lol Okay – Disturbed Frontman David Draiman ‘Proud’ Of Bandmate’s ‘F*** Cancel Culture’ Guitar

Disturbed Frontman Proud Of Bandmates F*** Cancel Culture Guitar
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Disturbed frontman David Draiman recently took to social media to praise a new guitar that his fellow bandmate Dan Donegan is rocking. Via his Twitter, Draiman shared a photo of Donegan’s guitar, which displays a design and font format similar to the Coca-Cola logo, and features the words: “Fuck Cancel Culture.”

The Disturbed frontman wrote the following regarding this guitar: “@DanDoneganGtr‘s new guitar. I couldn’t be more proud”

What do you make of Dan Donegan’s new guitar? Do you think Cancel Culture is even a thing (when so many celebrities get “canceled” but then still go on to have careers)?

The Disturbed singer has never been shy to express his thoughts when it comes to a variety of subjects. When it comes to the past beef between Joe Rogan and Neil Young – David had something to say about that. When comedian Trevor Noah spoke up about some stuff regarding Rogan, David went off on Noah as well. When it comes to the great debate of “has streaming hurt the music industry?” – David actually says that artists should “blame” themselves and that streaming has helped the industry. When it comes his comments on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, the Disturbed singer has made it clear that he doesn’t “give a shit” if he loses fans. When rapper Lil Nas X faced some criticism back in April, David came to his defense. And in that same month, David shared a cartoon that was pertaining to student loan debt, and he received a lot of backlash for it.

David has also recently shared that Disturbed’s new record is finished. This new album will be the band’s eighth studio album; their latest record is that of 2018’s Evolution.

Their new single is coming July 14, which you can pre-save HERE.