‘That’s what the pig does!’: The Cult Vocalist Jumps Into Live Crowd To Stop Audience Member From Choking Someone

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During a recent live show (that took place on July 19th), the singer of The Cult, Ian Astbury, jumped into the crowd and attempted to stop someone from choking out another audience member.

For those who are not aware – The Cult are an English rock band from Bradford, West Yorkshire, who formed in 1983. Among their line-up is lead singer Ian Astbury, guitarist Billy Duffy, bassist Grant Fitzpatrick, keyboardist Damon Fox, and drummer John Tempesta (the latter who is of White Zombie fame).

At one point during the band’s performance, Astbury caught wind of one audience member choking out another audience member; Astbury cuts his vocal performance mid-song, jumping down from the stage and into the crowd. He confronts the individual who had their arm around another person’s throat.

Once things are cleared up, Astbury returns to the stage.

A little later, once the band concludes the song they were performing, Astbury takes to the microphone and says: “Brother, never ever put a chokehold on somebody – it’s not fucking cool. That’s what the pig does! We don’t want to see that.”

We interpret this comment to reference the acts of violence done by law enforcement in which overly aggressive physical attacks have been committed, in large, towards People Of Color (and other victims of police brutality).

He then goes on to add, pointing towards the crowd: “Stop crying, it’s a fucking rock show. You don’t like it? Go stand in the back. Your tall, you’re bigger than everybody.”

What do you make of this incident? Throughout the history of rock and metal, there have been several instances where a member of a band has called out to the crowd when something has gone wrong.

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