Watch: Chinese Hardcore Band Performs Live In The Middle Of A McDonalds

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Move over Dennys, McDonalds is the new spot for the hardcore crowd. Chinese hardcore band Gaiwaer 街娃 played a recent live show in the middle of a McDonalds and it was fucking awesome! At the time of this writing, Gaiwaer have several releases available on their Bandcamp page. You can also find the band on Facebook.

The footage featuring Gaiwaer performing inside the McDonalds (which you can find below) is super bad ass! Let alone that the band’s music is already awesome, but playing in the middle of a restaurant is pretty damn cool. We wonder if the place was still open for business while the band were performing; imagine trying to order a burger while several moshers come your way.

Chinese hardcore band Gaiwaer performs in a McDonalds

Who needs a stage or concert venue when you can just rock out in the middle of a McDonalds? Would you ever attend a concert that took place in the middle of a restaurant?

This past June, a metalcore band called Confessions of a Traitor performed a live show in the middle of a restaurant. And while it may not be in a restaurant, the band Vella La Vella have performed live shows while parked in the middle of multiple drive-thrus. There is also a San Francisco band called Hemorage who has been getting a lot of attention for playing gigs from inside a bus; the band  have rolled up to other nearby concerts and have offered shows to anyone who happens to be passing by.

We wish we had heard about Gaiwaer prior to putting together our feature of 20 bands/artists redefining heavy music (we would have absolutely included them in that feature). Below we have included several audio players in case you want to check out the music of Gaiwaer.