Watch: ‘Brucie! Sign Me Breast!’ – No One Loves Iron Maiden More Than This Guy

Iron Maiden singer meets his number 1 fan! - DEADBUGsays, YouTube
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There are some people out in the world who might consider themselves to be the most die-hard fan of “x” band, but, we doubt anyone is as dedicated as this one particular Iron Maiden fan.

We recently stumbled across this video on YouTube that is titled, “Iron Maiden singer meets his number 1 fan!” The video involves a 2003 show that Maiden performed at and features Bruce Dickinson interacting with a fan. Said fan comes up to Bruce and is – to put it lightly – enamored by his heavy metal skills.

The guy starts off shouting at Bruce, “Iron Maiden man! You’re my third favorite band!” He then proceeds to shout at Bruce, “You guys are just pure evil mate! Pure, evil!” He then goes on to call Dickinson a god. The fan then shows off that he has a metal plate in his head – knocking on his skull which then makes a metallic sound.

The interaction is super comical, but the entire time, Bruce Dickinson is a super chill sport and friendly with the guy. You can check out their interaction via the video below.

It was cool of Bruce to take the time and talk with this fan! It is quite the opposite response compared to a more recent outburst Bruce Dickinson had with another fan. During a recent Iron Maiden concert, someone lit a flare in the crowd and Dickinson lost his shit. Reacting to the lit flare, the Maiden singer said out loud:

“The cunt with the fucking flare. I’m trying to sing up here. You fucking cocksucker. You Greek cunt. I’ve gotta fucking sing. All right. Fuck you.”

To watch this incident go down for yourself, follow the link directly below. We have also included a few other Bruce Dickinson/Maiden related stories below for you to check out.

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