That Big Stranger Things Scene Was Written With Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ In Mind

Big Stranger Things Scene Was Written With Master of Puppets In Mind
Master of Puppets: Metallica, Peter Mensch (cover concept), Don Brautigam (cover illustration), Elektra (label) / Netflix
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Let alone that it is so awesome to hear Metallica‘s “Master of Puppets” appear in Stranger Things – it is also super cool to know that that scene was written with the thrash classic in mind! Per an article on Metallica’s So What!, Hannah Davis (who works within the world of licensing music and pitching music for various mediums), spoke about how “Master of Puppets” came to be in the show.

Spoilers regarding Stranger Things narrative details – In a scene where Eddie Munson (played by Joe Quinn) is striving to distract monsters who are under the linage of the evil Vecna, Munson pulls out a guitar and begins playing the Metallica song “Master of Puppets.”

Per Hannah Davis, this is what she had to say about the song being included in Stranger Things:

“The song was scripted in by The Duffer Brothers, so it was in their mind from the very beginning. Nora [Felder, Music Supervisor] reached out to me in November 2020. They were shooting bits and pieces when they could because, of course, it was the pandemic. Nora ran me through the scene and explained the character of Eddie Munson to me. Because he was a new character, there wasn’t a real reference for how much of a ‘fan’ he was, so Nora explained he was a metalhead and that the fans would love him. She detailed how it started with him playing the riff on guitar, a visual instrumental, and then Metallica’s recording would come in. We didn’t know the total scope in terms of how long it would play or how exactly the song would be used. For example: would it play through or stop/start? But everyone was so excited that it was a quick ‘yes.’”

Due to the track being part of the hit Netflix show, “Master of Puppets” has gone viral as of lately. That viral explosion has also prompted some gatekeeping comments from the band’s fandom – except Metallica clapped right back and have stated that everyone is welcomed in the Metallica family.

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