All That Remains’ Phil Labonte Calls Out RATM Guitarist For Using A Communist Quote On Wah Pedal

All That Reamins' Phil Labonte Calls Out RATM Guitarist For Using A Communist Quote On Wah Pedal
Tom Morello: Raph_PH, CC BY 2.0 ( Phil Labonte: Kasey Jean Noll, CC BY-SA 3.0, (Wikimedia Commons)
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Via his Twitter account, All That Remains singer Phil Labonte has called out Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello for having a Communist related quote on a wah pedal he (Morello) has endorsed and that folks can purchase. The quote on Morello’s pedal reads, “Sometimes history needs a push”; this quote comes from Vladimir Lenin, who was a Russian revolutionary, politician, and political theorist.

Labonte wrote a few tweets regarding this quote and the hypocritical nature of Morello (being in Rage Against the Machine) using said quote; specifically, Labonte strives to point out the hypocritical nature of having a Communist quote on the wah pedal, with said wah pedal being a product of Capitalism (which is in opposition to Communism, and RATM have spoken out against Capitalism).


Per Labonte’s first tweet, he wrote:

“Communists are ontologically evil”

He continues his Twitter thread, writing:

“Oh, Jim Dunlop sells a Tom Morello wah pedal with a Lenin quote on it. It says ‘sometimes history needs a push.’ The murder of this family was one of those pushes.”

He then adds:

“Wonder how much money Morrelo makes off of the capitalist expropriation of workers in 3rd world countries that manufacture this pedal.”

You can find these Twitter posts from Labonte below.

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