A Preview Of ‘Pantera’ In 2023? Watch Phil, Rex, + Zakk Play ‘I’m Broken’ in 2014

Black Label Society w/ Philip and Rex "I'm Broken" Grand Prairie, TX 5-23-14 - David McCormack, YouTube
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We at The Pit are super jazzed for the upcoming 2023 Pantera shows. Being able to hear the band’s music live again is super exciting; that said, from time to time, there have been bands who have paid homage to these metal giants. Such as back in 2014, when singer Phil Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown joined Black Label Society on stage for a performance of the band’s song “I’m Broken.” (This video was originally shared by our friends over at Revolver).

Upon checking out this video and seeing Phil, Rex, and Zakk Wylde perform together, we found the performance to be extra surreal – given that this is 3/4th of the “Pantera” line-up taking place in 2023. You got Phil providing vocals, Rex on bass, and Zakk on guitar – all that is missing is Charlie Benante on drums.

But even with Charlie missing from this performance, this still gives us a solid preview as to what those upcoming Pantera shows are going to be like. You can check out the performance of “I’m Broken” (featuring Phil, Rex, and Zakk) below.

What do you think of this performance? Does it get you pumped for those upcoming shows? The other day, The Darkness singer, Justin Hawkins, shared his two-cents regarding the upcoming tribute/reunion shows; you can read about everything he had to say via the link below, but also below, you will find an excerpt regarding some of this thoughts.

“What is the problem here? It’s Pantera, isn’t it? It’s the surviving members of Pantera. I know that two of the most iconic people in that type of metal are no longer with us, so they can’t do it. So I think what the fans are saying… Pantera should be allowed to rest in peace now. And actually, there’s something about that that makes sense. Maybe they should call it something else. Maybe it should be called ‘The surviving members of Pantera featuring’ and then say Zakk Wylde and the other guy. Or maybe just don’t do it. I don’t know. I’m just playing devil’s advocate here.”

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