Widow Of Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman Shares Original Artwork Prototype Of Reign in Blood Cover

Widow Of Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman Shares Original Artwork Prototype Of Reign in Blood Cover
Reign in Blood: Larry Carroll, Def Jam, Geffen/ Jeff Hanneman: Victoria Morse, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikipedia
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Kathryn Hanneman, the widow of late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, has shared an image that involves an original album cover art prototype of one of the band’s most popular records, being that of Reign in Blood.

Reign in Blood was released in 1986 and is the third Slayer studio album. While the band have released a plethora of incredible records, Reign in Blood is perhaps the most widely beloved record to come from the band. It not only displays top-notch thrash metal artistry, but it also contains one of the greatest Slayer singles ever released: “Raining Blood.” The album is easily considered one of the greatest metal records in all of the genre’s history.

The late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman was an essential component in creating that record; Hanneman was one of the band’s founding members, having played in the band up until 2013 (when he sadly passed away).

Along with its brutal songs, Reign in Blood also features some incredible (and terrifying) album cover art work; this cover was created by the late Larry Carroll (who also worked on other Slayer album covers). Via a recent Instagram post made from the Jeff Hanneman account, Kathryn Hanneman shared an original artwork prototype album cover of Reign in Blood.

In a caption associated with this post, she wrote: “The original artwork prototype for the album cover for ‘Reign in Blood’ from artist Larry Carrol.” You can view this prototype below:


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That is pretty bad ass looking! We appreciate Kathryn sharing this with the world. What does Slayer’s Reign in Blood mean to you?

Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman was truly one of the most talented musicians in all of metal history – we hope that he is at peace.

In other Slayer related news, have you heard the trap-metal remix of the band’s song “Raining Blood”? It actually sounds really friggin’ good! To check out the music video featuring that remix, follow the link below:

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