Watch: Who Knew ‘Footloose’ Actor Kevin Bacon Was So Into Death Metal?

Who Knew Footloose Actor Kevin Bacon Was So Into Death Metal?
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Among the individuals we would have never guessed being metalheads, actor Kevin Bacon appears to be quite the fan of death metal. You may know Kevin Bacon from a variety of works that he has been involved in; one of his most famous films is that of the 1980’s movie Footloose.

Recently, the actor posted a video to social media that features him and his wife Kyra Sedgwick reenacting a scene from Footloose together; it is a wholesome moment where Kevin picks Kyra up and does a little spin with her. While the couple are adorable and the music (being the title track of the movie) is upbeat, several metalheads might perk up at the sight of Kevin’s shirt.

During this video, Kevin Bacon is wearing an Immolation t-shirt. The shirt he is wearing is the band’s “Choking Angel” tee; the back of the shirt reads, “The Wicked Shall Overcome Us.” For those unaware, Immolation are a death metal band from Yonkers, New York. They formed in 1986 and, at the time of this writing, have released eleven studio albums. The band’s most recent release is that of 2022’s Acts of God.

It is always cool when we see actors/musicians outside of the world of metal showing their love for the genre. It reminds us of pop star Billie Eilish featuring underground death metal and punk bands on her clothing (along with Cradle of Filth, Rob Zombie, and Type O Negative). Or how actor Kate Beckinsale happens to be a fan of hardcore music. There is also horror movie actor Vera Farmiga (from The Conjuring movies) who has covered Iron Maiden music with the likes of Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian!

If you want to check out Kevin Bacon wearing his Immolation t-shirt, you can find that video below! Did you also know that Kevin’s son Travis is a hardcore metalhead? He has played with the likes of: CONTRACULT Collective, Black Anvil, and White Widows Pact.

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