The Internet Has Strong Feelings About This Pearl Jam Cover Performed By Rapper Post Malone – Thoughts?

The Internet Has Strong Feelings About This Pearl Jam Cover Performed By Rapper Post Malone - Thoughts?
Post Malone Covers Pearl Jam’s “Better Man” Live on the Stern Show - The Howard Stern Show, YouTube
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During a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show, rapper Post Malone covered a Pearl Jam song, and the internet has (for the most part), really enjoyed it.

When artists from different genres dip their toes into other musical waters, the end result may not be super great (we are looking at you Machine Gun Kelly). However, Post Malone has not only displayed a true passion for rock and heavy metal, but he has also displayed some solid chops when it comes to performing rock music. In the past, he has covered Nirvana‘s music, and Howard Stern was real impressed by his performance.

On The Howard Stern Show, rapper Post Malone covered the Pearl Jam song “Better Man.” Prior to performing the cover, Malone talks about his relationship with the Pearl Jam track.

But Malone’s cover of the song is… well… it is something. You can check out that performance for yourself below.

Rapper Post Malone covers Pearl Jam

What are your thoughts on this cover? Do you think Post Malone did pretty well, or not so much?

Speaking of artists outside rock and metal covering heavy songs… why not take a trip down memory lane and revisit when Machine Gun Kelly decided to cover a System of a Down song. Colson (legal first name of Machine Gun Kelly), was also on The Howard Stern show when he performed the band’s song “Aerials.” If you want to check out MGK’s performance, you can follow the link below.

Oh God, Machine Gun Kelly Covered A System Of A Down Song, You Can Watch His Performance Now

In other news related to Malone, we recently came across some footage that features the rapper rocking out to a System of a Down song. If you want to see that footage for yourself, follow the link below.

Watch: Rapper Post Malone Rocks Out To System of a Down Song ‘B.Y.O.B.’

During a past show, Malone ran into that of Mercyful Fate singer King Diamond while attending a Slayer concert. The two took a picture together, which is something King Diamond spoke about during an interview.

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