‘The f**** Kardashians take up space in my head!’: Tobias Forge Talks The Kardashians’ Role In Rotting Humanity’s Brain Cells

Tobias Forge Talks Kardashians' Role In Rotting Humanity's Brain Cells
Kardashians: Distributor: Disney Platform Distribution/ Tobias Forge and Nameless Ghoul: Ghost Facebook
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Via a conversation with Metal Hammer, Ghost singer Tobias Forge ended up talking about the Kardashians and how the family is ultimately rotting the brain cells of the human race.

The conversation starts out with Forge talking about his use of social media; he goes into how little he uses it and that he does not get his updates via that kind of technology. He talks about how, upon first seeing Facebook back in the day, he could tell it would be bad news. He specifically shares, “Of course, I didn’t foresee all of the ways that it would destroy mankind and politically or all of those other things that it was going to be used for.”

A point he goes on to make is that the human mind only has so much space to hold information (the article goes into more science regarding this matter). Forge says, “I read a long time ago that our mind — our psyche — has a limited amount of space. [Your] mind’s RAM, basically. There’s a limited amount of megabytes in your head and from what I read, you have space for roughly three thousand people in your head and you can have eight relationships. So there are eight chairs around your table and you’re sitting at the head. Four and four. And you have three thousand people in your gallery.”

This eventually leads to him bringing up America’s most obnoxious and mind-numbing family: The Kardashians. As an… “influencer family” (didn’t think that was something we would ever write), the Kardashians have been a prominent form of cultural obsession. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Kendall Jenner, to Kourtney Kardashian (wife of Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker), has a massive social following. As to why… fuck if we know. They are just rich people.

But even for all his efforts to stray away from social media, the Ghost singer finds that the Kardashians roam his mind. As he continues his point about limited space in the human psyche, he eventually brings up the… influencer family.

“That worked perfectly fine in the old days because three thousand people was just about how many were in your village and eight people were probably your family; whereas now, the fucking Kardashians take up space in my head! Why? I don’t give a fuck about them! Why do I know…I can’t really tell who’s who, but why do I fucking know this?”

The Kardashians tend to be a polarizing topic within the metal community. That said, there are some who embrace trolling the family from time to time, like that of Exodus/ex-Slayer guitarist Gary Holt. He has actually released merchandise in the past that pokes fun at the celebrity family (which you can check out via the link below).

What do you make of what Tobias Forge has shared regarding social media and the Kardashians?

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