Throwback: Watch Phil Anselmo Take Dime’s Guitar On Stage to Play ‘Raining Blood’

Throwback: Watch Phil Anselmo Take Dime's Guitar On Stage to Play 'Raining Blood'
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It’s always fun to watch footage of Pantera from the earlier days before everything went sour between them.

Part of the reason the home videos are so beloved (outside of the absolute insanity of the band’s party lifestyle), was because you could just feel the love through your screen between the band members and their crew.

Side note- it’s been a hot minute since the Pantera Home Video 4 teaser was released and we hope that bad boy sees the light of day, like, NOW.

Anyways, a clip like the one below (unearthed thanks to the Metal Stuff YouTube channel) is a bit of a feel good flashback to a time in 1995 when the party was still fun, and the band were super tight brothers.

What do you think?

Phil did pretty well until losing the plot slightly a bit at the end, yeah?

If you weren’t previously aware of Phil’s guitar playing, he actually told us in a recent interview celebrating the anniversary of Vulgar Display of Power that he was the one who wrote the main riff in Pantera’s iconic track, ‘Mouth for War’:

“When we wrote ‘Mouth for War,’ I wrote the main riff, and Dimebag liked it. It sounded about a thousand times better when he played it, and he made it his own. And everybody — God, they put that song together, we put that song together.

I think we knew we had written a pretty good song, that one. And I think the video for its time was unique to look at, groundbreaking, sort of action-packed — shit like that. So very ’90s-band-like.”

You can check out that full conversation here:

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And if you’re wondering what else Phil has been up to musically these days, he just took part in a pretty impressive cover of a little song you might’ve heard before called ‘Ace of Spades.’

If you haven’t watched yet, give it a click below:

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