Watch: There’s A New Guitar Pedal That’ll Make Your Guitar Sound Like A VCR – That’s Sick!

Watch: There's A New Guitar Pedal That'll Make Your Guitar Sound Like A VCR - That's Sick!
Generation Loss MKII - Chase Bliss/ James Hetfield: Metallica Facebook
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There is a new guitar pedal that will allow your guitar to sound like a VCR (as well as a variety of other ’90s related technology).

This new guitar pedal is called The Generation Loss MKII, and as reported by Guitar World, this pedal includes a Model dial that has 10 different models, including: VCR, cassette, camcorder and even toy cassette. These models are based on some frequency analysis and deconstruction of hardware.

Per the pedal’s description on the Chase Bliss website:

“Generation Loss MKII is a study of tape in all its forms.

“We decided to start from scratch this time and really explore what tape is all about. Get into those crinkles that make it so magical. We took apart VCRs, we analyzed anything we could find with a tape in it, from camcorders to cassette decks.

“All available for you to saturate, fail and flutter, until everything sits just right. And if you prefer the way it was before, you can do that too. In stereo.”

You can check out a commercial trailer for The Generation Loss MKII below:

What are your thoughts on this new guitar pedal? Are you into the idea of making your guitar sound like a VCR or camcorder?

You can pre-order The Generation Loss MKII for $399 via this link here.

Watch: There's A New Guitar Pedal That'll Make Your Guitar Sound Like A VCR - That's Sick!
Chase Bliss

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