Watch: The Trailer For The Heavy Metal Horror Movie ‘Welcome to Hell’ Exudes Wicked Vibes

Watch: The Trailer For Heavy Metal Horror Movie 'Welcome to Hell' Is Wicked
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Author: Michael Pementel

We are always in the mood for a horror movie here at The Pit, especially if there is some heavy metal involved. Horror and metal go perfectly together, which is why we are looking forward to watching Welcome to Hell.

Welcome to Hell is an Argentinian horror movie directed by Jimena Monteoliva; the film follows a pregnant woman who is striving to flee from her murderous ex (with said ex being part of a satanic death metal band).

You can check out the wicked trailer for Welcome to Hell below.

Welcome to Hell trailer

The film will arrive on VOD, as well as SCREAMBOX, July 12th, 2022. Will you be checking this out?

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We also recently ranked all of the Rob Zombie movies from worst to best. Below we’ve included a small excerpt from that article, speaking as to Zombie’s Halloween, which we ranked at fifth place. To read the full article, follow the link below.

5. Halloween

Remakes of classic horror movies can sometimes be looked down upon, but you know what, we really like the Rob Zombie Halloween remake. While bringing a much more savage Michael Myers to the silver screen (as compared to other versions of Myers), Zombie also offers audiences a more… personal Michael Myers. This is perhaps the one big point of debate among horror fans, given that The Shape (Michael Myers) is supposed to be the embodiment of evil. We find that the origin that Zombie has created helps to build upon that myth – that this boy has become so consumed by evil, that now he is a force of nature. As big fans of the original Halloween movie, we may be part of the minority, but we think that between the horror action and elements of psychology taking place, the Rob Zombie Halloween movie is pretty killer!

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