Watch: The First Teaser For The Rob Zombie Munsters Movie Is Out!

Watch: The First Teaser For The Rob Zombie Munsters Movie Is Out!
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We finally have a teaser for the upcoming Rob Zombie Munsters movie!

This teaser comes from Rob Zombie’s Instagram account and features the film’s fun and playful tone. The footage starts out in black and white, showing off the Munsters home; the footage then cuts to a brief sequence where we see the main cast making an entrance.

There is that of Daniel Phillips (playing Herman Munster), Sheri Moon Zombie (Lily Munster), and Dan Roebuck (Grandpa Munster). Some upbeat ’60s surf-rock music plays over the sequence of the Munsters family making their entrance into the home. The footage then cuts to a brief moment where the trio are sitting on a couch together (this scene is all in color).

They are staring off into the distance, with Grandpa Munster eventually piping up and saying, “Well, now what?”

Want to check out this teaser for yourself? You can find the teaser below!

Rob Zombie Munsters movie teaser


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What a delightfully fun teaser! This should be a good sign that we will get a full-on trailer possibly in the near future. There is still no official release date for the Rob Zombie Munsters movie, just that it will be coming out sometime in 2022. There is that one rumor that the film may be coming to Netflix as well.

Prior to this Rob Zombie movie teaser, he has shared some other behind the scenes footage of the Munsters cast. There has also been some talk regarding the runtime of this movie.

Speaking of Rob Zombie movies, have you checked out our ranking of his filmography? We ranked all his movies from worst to best.

How excited are you for this new Rob Zombie movie?! We are beyond excited to see this film!

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