The Comedy Heavy Metal Movie ‘Heavy Trip’ Is Getting A Sequel

The Comedy Heavy Metal Movie 'Heavy Trip' Is Getting A Sequel
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During a recent conversation with Metal Hammer, Juuso Laatio, who co-wrote and directed the 2018 heavy metal movie Heavy Trip, confirmed that a sequel is in the works!

In case you have yet to watch the hilarious masterpiece that is Heavy Trip: The film is a heavy metal comedy that follows a group of friends who are in a band and are trying to play at a big Swedish heavy metal festival.

The main cast make for a great loveable and relatable group of friends that metalheads will adore.

In this recent interview, Laatio speaks to the origins and creation of that heavy metal movie; he shares his and Jukka Vidgren’s (the latter who also directed the film) love for Hollywood comedies, as well as his efforts to pack in multiple Megadeth references into the film.

Eventually, the question is brought up whether or not we will be getting a sequel to Heavy Trip – to which Laatio confirms we will.

Per his interview, Laatio shared the following regarding Heavy Trip 2:

“It’s in the works,” he says. “We’ve written a really good script and we were supposed to film it this summer. We’re aiming to film it next year. You never know. The last film took six years so I hope this one doesn’t take so long!”.

We are incredibly excited to see Heavy Trip 2! If for some reason you have not checked out the first movie yet, we highly recommend you do! It is sincerely one of the best heavy metal movies we have ever seen.

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