Stranger Things Star’s Dio Jacket Is From Ronnie James Dio’s Personal Estate

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Author: Michael Pementel

The Dio jacket worn by Eddie Munson (played by Joe Quinn) in the latest season of the Netflix show Stranger Things is actually a jacket from Ronnie James Dio‘s personal estate. That is pretty friggin’ cool!

Earlier this week, we shared that, to prepare for his Stranger Things role, Quinn “listened to a lot of heavy metal.” Quinn plays that of Eddie Munson, who is the leader and dungeon master of the Hellfire Club, Hawkins High’s Dungeons & Dragons group.

Via an interview with Netflix’s Tudum, costume designer Amy Parris shares how they got a hold of this Dio jacket. Parris speaks to reaching out to the estate of the late Ronnie James Dio and requesting the jacket.

Per the article with Tudum:

“I love Eddie. I think Eddie feels so real. And he’s wearing one thing, because he’s in that outfit the whole time, so I really focused and zeroed in on making sure everything in that outfit was authentic. He’s a fan of wizard metal, he’s a fan of Dio. He’s a fan of Metallica. Actually, Dio was a popular band in the ’80s, and we reached out to the estate [of the late Ronnie James Dio to source a band shirt]. His wife is in charge of his estate and offered to send us vintage T-shirts, which was such a dream.”

That is pretty bad ass! Below you will find an image that features the back of this jacket.

Stranger Things Star's Dio Jacket Is From Ronnie James Dio's Personal Estate

Are you currently watching the new season of Stranger Things? What are your thoughts on this new season and that of Quinn’s character Eddie Munson?

Ronnie James Dio passed away on May 16th, 2010. He was 67 years old.

Back in March, we reported that a movie based on the legendary metal singer’s life had made its debut at SXSW.

The film, titled Dio: Dreamers Never Die, “delves deep into his incredible rise from ’50s doo-wop crooner to his early classic rock days in Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, to replacing the iconic lead singer Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath, to finally cement his legend with Dio. Ronnie’s biography is completely unique to the tired sex, drugs and rock and roll clichés. The film is about perseverance, dreams and the power to believe in yourself.”

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