Watch: Sign Interpreter Offers A Stellar Performance Of Steel Panther Song ‘Death To All But Metal’

Watch: Sign Interpreter Offers A Stellar Performance Of Steel Panther Song 'Death To All But Metal'
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Steel Panther played this year’s Download festival, and during the band’s performance of “Death To All But Metal,” video footage was captured that features a sign interpreter performing the song. Her performance of the Steel Panther track is absolutely bad ass.

“Death To All But Metal” is a song off of the band’s 2009 studio album debut Feel the Steel. At the time of this writing, the band have released five studio albums, with their most recent being 2019’s Heavy Metal Rules.

Much like every song from the band, “Death To All But Metal” is full of vulgarities and crude humor – which the sign interpreter captured in her performance. As you will find in the two videos below, the woman who is interpreting the band’s song does a spot on job presenting the track’s comical nature.

Videos featuring sign interpreter at Steel Panther show

What do you think of this sign interpreters’ performance? We think she did an amazing job!

Sign interpreters are an awesome addition to have at heavy metal shows; for those fans who struggle with their hearing, sign interpreters allow them the opportunity to enjoy their favorite bands and artists perform.

You may recall some years ago a sign interpreter who got some major press coverage after a performance of hers went viral. The interpreter, Lindsay Rothschild-Cross, got recognized for a performance she did at a Lamb Of God show; you will find a video below from Good Morning America that features Lindsay Rothschild-Cross.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Rothschild-Cross shared that she grew up with Guns N’ Roses, Alice In Chains, and Iron Maiden. She also shares that, prior to working that Lamb Of God show, she had never interpreted something as intense before.

Good Morning America video featuring sign interpreter Lindsay Rothschild-Cross

Have you ever been to a live show and witnessed a bad ass sign interpreter at work?