Watch: Rapper Post Malone Rocks Out To System of a Down Song ‘B.Y.O.B.’

Watch: Post Malone Rocks Out To System of a Down Song 'B.Y.O.B.'
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Via YouTube, we found a video that features rapper Post Malone rocking out to the System of a Down song “B.Y.O.B.”

From working with metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, to meeting King Diamond of Mercyful Fate, Malone seems to be quite the metal fan. Now, via a YouTube short we stumbled across, we have found footage of the rapper jamming out to the System of a Down song “B.Y.O.B.”

In the video you will find below, a pre-famous Post Malone and group of folks are all jamming out to the song – either headbanging or air drumming. We appreciate Malone’s excitement for the song, and it looks like he is having a great time!

You can find that video footage of rapper Post Malone jamming out to System of a Down’s “B.Y.O.B.” below.

Post Malone jams to System of a Down

In the past, we wrote an op-ed regarding why we feel that Malone is good for metal. That op-ed includes several reasons, but below, we have included an excerpt of one of those reasons. If you want to read the whole op-ed, please follow the link below.

He puts death metal bands next to pop stars on his fest line-up

It’s a shame that Post Malone’s Posty Fest got rescheduled this year. But even before that happened, finding rising death metal stars Gatecreeper and punk upstarts Turnstile’s names next to Megan Thee Stallion on a festival poster was pretty fucking rad. It’s cool to see that though he’s obviously aware of some bands being more famous than others, Post still thinks all of those acts deserve to have their names on the same bill. Onstage duet? We can only hope — imagine Chase Mason bellowing, “I’M A SAVAGE!”

10 Reasons Why, Love Him or Hate Him, Post Malone Is Good for Metal

Also, if you want to read about King Diamond taking a photo with Malone at a Slayer concert, you can read about that story via the link below.

King Diamond Talks About Taking A Photo With Post Malone At A Slayer Concert, But Not Having A Clue Who He Was