Holy S***, Nirvana Producer Steve Albini Won How Much At The World Series Of Poker?!

Holy S***, Nirvana Producer Steve Albini Won How Much At The World Series Of Poker?!
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Steve Albini, a famous music engineer and producer who has worked with the likes of Nirvana, won real big at this year’s World Series Of Poker.

Albini has worked with a great number of musical acts, such as: the Pixies, Robert Plant (or Led Zeppelin), PJ Harvey, Neurosis, Sun O))), and many, many more. A prominent point in Albini’s career is having worked on the Nirvana album In Utero.

When he isn’t working as an engineer or producer though, Steve Albini likes to play poker; in fact, he recently took part in this year’s World Series Of Poker and, well, did incredibly well for himself.

Per The World Series Of Poker’s Twitter account, Steve Albini walked away with $196,089! That is a lot of cash!

The producer/engineer also shared some photos of his time playing at The World Series Of Poker via his own Twitter account. You can find some of his posts below.

Congratulations on this major win Steve!

The last time we wrote about Albini is when he was expressing some praise for a member of Insane Clown Posse (and talking shit about a certain Spotify podcaster). In a tweet of his he wrote this past February, the engineer/producer said (referring to the Insane Clown Posse member and alluding to Joe Rogan):

“This is absolutely model owning-your-shit behavior, and if a goddamn fucking Juggalo can manage it, a nine-figure podcaster can step the fuck up without whining.”

If you are curious to learn all the context behind this story, follow the link below.

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