If The Apocalypse Is To Arrive, Music Is Being Preserved On Glass And Stored In A Doomsday Vault

For When The Apocalypse Arrives, Music Is Being Preserved On Glass And Stored In A Doomsday Vault
Mad Max: Fury Road: Distributor: Roadshow Entertainment (Australia), Warner Bros. Pictures (International)/ Kerry King: Jonas Rogowski, CC BY-SA 3.0 (Wikimedia Commons)
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If the apocalypse is to arrive, of course we are going to want some tunes to listen to in our new Mad Max world – so with that in mind, if there is ever an apocalypse, music is being preserved on glass and stored in a doomsday vault.

In Svalbard, Norway you will find both the Global Seed Vault, as well as the Global Music Vault (both serving as a doomsday vault of sorts); inside the latter, loads of music is being preserved on glass (this is part of a collaborative effort between Elire Group and Microsoft).

Elire Group and Microsoft have developed a special type of glass that is able to hold up to 100 gigabytes of music. Via a press release, Luke Jenkinson, Managing Director of Global Music Vault, shared the following:

“With over 4 million music producers globally, and over 60,000 songs being released just on Spotify every day, today’s digital and physical data storage solutions are quickly becoming outdated, irrelevant and a risk to our future.”

There is also apparently a committee that will oversee what music gets stored in the doomsday vault; this committee will work with national music business groups to pick out the “most precious and loved” music from around the world.

But of course, the people of the world should get a say as well; so it is said that the public is also expected to be able to take part in a vote for what music they would like to be stored in the Global Music Vault.

So of course, with all this said, we have to ask: What metal albums would you want stored inside a doomsday vault (as to listen to at a later date when the world has gone all Mad Max and shit)?

For us (just to name a few), there would be a lot of Cattle Decapitation, some Sepultura, Slayer, Metallica, Job For A Cowboy, and Machine Head.