Motorhead Guitarist Defends Lemmy Kilmister Against ‘Nazi Sympathizer’ Accusations

Motorhead Guitarist Defends Lemmy Kilmister Against 'Nazi Sympathizer' Accusations
Alejandro Páez, CC-BY-2.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Author: Michael Pementel

Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell recently defended the late Lemmy Kilmister when someone accused him of being a nazi sympathizer.

Over on Twitter a couple days ago, an individual wrote a tweet that stated, “RIP Lemmy…although he had his Nazi tendency […].”

Per Google Translate, the whole tweet reads as follows:

“RIP Lemmy…although he had his Nazi tendency, he always seemed to me the best rocker in history…of course after Hendrix, whose assistant he was at concerts.”

That is a pretty intense accusation. While Lemmy Kilmister did collect military and nazi paraphernalia, he had expressed that he “only collected the stuff” and “didn’t collect the ideas.”

This tweet eventually caught the attention of Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell. Campbell quote retweet’d that initial tweet, defending the late Lemmy Kilmister and replying with the following:

“FYI, Lemmy DID NOT, have any Nazi tendencies. He was a historian.”

A former bandmate of Lemmy’s, Slim Jim Phantom, backed up Campbell, writing the following on Twitter:

“Phil Campbell is 100% correct & I will vouch for this true statement all day long. Best, SJP”

Phil Campbell then replied to Slim Jim Phantom with: “Thanks Jim, we should know.”

The late Motörhead frontman was one of the nicest guys around; he was a kind person, and it is cool of Phil Campbell and Slim Jim Phantom to come to his defense.

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