Motionless in White Singer Received A Message From Disturbed’s David Draiman That ‘Blew his mind’

Motionless in White Singer Received A Message From Disturbed's David Draiman That 'Blew his mind'
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During a recent interview with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio station, Chris Motionless of Motionless in White spoke to a message he received from Disturbed singer David Draiman. Chris says that the message from the singer “blew my mind.”

Motionless in White have a new album coming out pretty soon; said album is called Scoring The End Of The World.

At one point in his interview with Meltdown, Chris is asked about collaborations that are part of the record and if there is anyone that he wanted to include but couldn’t be part of the album.

In creating this record, Chris really wanted Draiman to do some guest vocal work; upon reaching out to Draiman, Chris was surprised to receive a personal message back from the Disturbed singer.

This is what Chris Motionless had to say about the experience:

“This is a really amazing story for me, and I don’t know whether or not he would want this to be known, but interestingly enough, for the song ‘Meltdown,’ I reached out to David from Disturbed. Because I felt like although the song is not exactly — it doesn’t sound very much like a Disturbed song, there’s something about it that I felt like his voice would really take this song to a level that would be insanity. I feel like the song has elements of that early Disturbed kind of electronic industrial stuff. So we reached out and I was met with a really cool fanboy moment. Whereas most people just have their management say they’re not available, he wrote an e-mail back directly to me saying very nice things about the band and me. And I was reading this, and I was, like, ‘Is this real?’ I know that he’s really supportive of new bands — he’s not one of those jaded, ‘nope’ kind of dudes. And I read that, and it inspired me so much to see people that paved the way for our band to be what we are. I don’t know. It blew my mind.”

It is very cool when a younger artist can get such a positive message from an artist they look up too!

Chris went on to clarify that Draiman was not able to be part of the band’s upcoming album, given that he was currently busy working on the new Disturbed album.

Scoring The End Of The World will be out this Friday, June 10th. You can listen to the full interview featuring the Motionless in White singer below:

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