Metallica Guitarists Are Offering Personal Courses On Guitar Playing!

Metallica Guitarists Are Offering Personal Courses On Guitar Playing!
Classroom: Jeff chenqinyi, CC BY-SA 3.0 (Wikimedia Commons)/ James Hetfield: Metallica Facebook
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Metallica guitarists James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett have partnered with Yousician and will be teaching courses on guitar playing. How awesome is that?!

Yousician is a music education company that helps to teach people how to play instruments; their courses cover a variety of instruments as well, and can cover everything from you looking to work on your banjo skills to your piano playing.

It has recently been announced that the music education company has partnered up with Metallica guitarists James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett for three brand new course where both guitarists will act as teachers! So via Yousician’s technology, you can now get personal feedback and instruction from either James and Kirk. That is awesome!

In a video promotion talking about this collaboration, Metallica guitarist James Hetfield shares, “The best way to play like us, is to play with us.”

Per the description associated with that video:

The best way to play like @Metallica is to play with Metallica. Learn the Metallica songs you love on guitar with James Hetfield & Kirk Hammett in new courses, only on Yousician. Explore riffs, rhythm, and lead guitar, discover the real way to play your favorite licks and riffs, dive into downpicking, and go behind the scenes with stories from the band. Put your skills to the test and play 10 of Metallica’s best-known songs with the band. Learn how to play the original tracks the way the band plays them, and master every note with Yousician’s instant feedback.”

Below you can find the video that features the Metallica guitarists speaking to this new collaboration with Yousician. Will you be signing up for these courses?

In other Metallica related news, Castor Hetfield, the son of James Hetfield, recently shared some rock related advice that his dad shared with him. Ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newstead also shared some recent comments regarding …And Justice for All and St. Anger.

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