Max Cavalera Shares A Story About When He Had A Knife Held Up To His Throat And Was Mugged For Five Bucks

Max Cavalera Shares A Story About When He Had A Knife Held Up To His Throat And Was Mugged For Five Bucks
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Author: Michael Pementel

While Sepultura is known today as one of the most killer acts in heavy metal history, it was actually one hell of a process for ex-band singer Max Cavalera to get them signed.

Via a recent interview with Kevin Diers of KISW 99.9 FM, Max shared a story about the band’s early days; specifically, he talks about a trip to New York City where he was handing out copies of the band’s album Schizophrenia, and how he ended up getting mugged for five dollars.

The following transcription was done via Metal Injection.

“Well, Beneath The Remains is very special. It’s a journey actually that involves the whole record, because to me that journey of the record really started when when we put out Schizophrenia. It was the last record [for] the Brazilian label [Cogumelo Produções]. I got a free ticket to go to New York as a Pan Am employee. So I pulled my hair back and I got… my mom bought me a five dollar cheap suit, you know? Like really, really a bad suit but I looked very official. I had the Pan Am pin, you know, like an employee. That was the only way to get the free ticket, man.

“I came to New York for two days and I just gave people Schizophrenia copies – Metal Blade, Combat, Noise Records, and Roadrunner. During my my time in New York, I got mugged for five dollars on 42nd and Broadway, near Broadway. Some dude put a knife [to] my throat. I had five dollars in my pockets, I’m like ‘here man. Take it. Holy shit.’ I came out of the land of crime in Brazil to get mugged in New York.”

Cavalera then goes on to talk about an in-store show he played at a record store, but that there wasn’t much of an audience.

“Another thing that was funny, we ended up making an in-store appearance at Slipped Disc and the total people that show up was three including the owner and his kid. That was the first in-store, my first real in-store.”

What a hell of a journey Max! It’s surreal to hear this story and to see how far you have come.

You can check out the full video interview featuring Max Cavalera below:

In other news related to the ex-Sepultura singer, him and his brother Igor Cavalera have been playing some classic songs from the band on their current tour!

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