Watch: Want To See The Inside Of Lorna Shore Singer’s Throat As He Screams Harsh Vocals?

Watch: Want To See The Inside Of Lorna Shore Singer's Throat As He Screams Harsh Vocals?
"OPERATION: "Throat Camera". Will Ramos of Lorna Shore scoped while he performs harsh vocals!" - The Charismatic Voice, YouTube
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A camera was put down the throat of Lorna Shore singer Will Ramos, as to capture what the inside of his throat looks like as he screams harsh vocals.

The video featuring the inside of Ramos’ throat as he screams harsh vocals comes from the YouTube channel The Charismatic Voice – a YouTube channel devoted to analyzing various vocal performances, featuring insight and knowledge from vocal expert Elizabeth Zharoff.

Of the various performances Zharoff has analyzed, she was really surprised by that of the Lorna Shore singer. In fact, Zharoff’s video covering Ramos’ performance of the band’s song “To the Hellfire” is a little north of 969,000 views!

Zharoff has interviewed Will Ramous in the past as well; but in her latest video, she worked with Ramos to offer viewers a more revealing look into the deathcore vocalist’s screaming techniques.

This latest video from The Charismatic Voice features Will Ramos having a camera put down his throat, capturing what the inside of his throat looks like as he performs harsh vocals. That is pretty fucking metal if we do say so ourselves.

The video is incredibly entertaining and fascinating; since it is a long video, if you are interested in seeing the more graphic details (i.e., the inside of Ramos’ throat), then a good timestamp to jump to is around the 25 minute mark. You can also jump ahead a little more if you are looking to see what his throat looks like as he is screaming (such as around the 30 minute mark).

Just a friendly heads up to folks before watching this video – between the visuals of internal flesh and liquid being showcased – please keep in mind that this video can get real graphic.

What do you think of that camera footage? Sure is something else huh?

In other recent news involving the Lorna Shore singer, he took part in a guessing game where he listened to a bunch of metal vocals and had to guess whether they came from people or animals.

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