Watch: Lorna Shore Singer Plays Game Where He Has To Guess Whether Metal Vocals Are Human Or Animal

© Markus Felix (talk to me), CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Author: Michael Pementel

Lorna Shore singer Will Ramos was recently invited to play a game where he had to guess if vocals in metal songs belonged to a human or animal.

Ramos took the heavy metal world by storm back in 2021 with his vocal performance on the band’s song “To the Hellfire.” At just a little under 9 million views on YouTube, the music video for “To the Hellfire” shows off Ramos’ gnarly and guttural vocal presentation.

Will Ramos is a relatively new addition to the deathcore outfit, having joined the band back in 2021. He took part in the band’s 2021 EP …And I Return to Nothingness.

The YouTube Channel The Charismatic Voice – which features vocal expert Elizabeth Zharoff – did a scientific breakdown of Ramos’ vocals, and it’s pretty fascinating what she has to share.

In this new video with Revolver, you can find the Lorna Shore singer striving to guess whether the vocals he is hearing belong to that of a human or animal. It is pretty comical if we do say so ourselves.

Lorna Shore singer plays metal guessing game

Lorna Shore have a few more dates left in the current North American run; the band have been touring with fellow deathcore bands Carnifex and Suicide Silence. You can find the band’s remaining tour dates and locations below:

6/1 – Mesa, AZ – Nile Theatre
6/2 – Las Vegas, NV – 24 Oxford
6/3 – Anaheim, CA – House of Blues
6/4 – Los Angeles, CA – Regent Theater

The band also recently released a new song titled “Sun Eater.” You can listen to the new song “Sun Eater” below. The band also have a new album coming out this year titled Pain Remains; the record is currently scheduled for an October release.

What are your thoughts on “To the Hellfire,” “Sun Eater,” and that of Will Ramos’ vocal performance? Are you excited for the band’s upcoming record?