‘The most dangerous 45 seconds of rock and roll’: Randy Blythe Talks How Lamb Of God Got Signed

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Earlier today, Lamb Of God singer Randy Blythe and Killswitch Engage singer Jesse Leach were part of a livestream event to promote the upcoming The Omens Tour.

The Omens Tour will feature Lamb Of God headlining, with Killswitch Engage providing support (along with a plethora of other bands); news of this tour came out earlier this week, along with the announcement of Lamb Of God’s ninth studio album Omens.

During this livestream, hosted by SiriusXM’s José Mangin, Mangin brings up a past story to Randy Blythe regarding a Lamb Of God show where Blythe ended up hurting himself in a real rough manner. This incident took place at the music venue L’Amour, located in Brooklyn, NY.

At first, Mangin brings up how Blythe broke his collar bone, but Blythe responds with, “I knocked myself out. My collar bone wasn’t broken, but I popped my shoulder out of the joint.”

Randy Blythe then goes into more detail regarding this incident, and how his wild antics ended up helping the band get signed to Roadrunner Records. The band released their record Wrath through Roadrunner.

Randy’s incident made one hell of a mark on the Roadrunner owner, who had attended the show to check out the band’s performance.

Speaking to Randy’s on stage incident, the owner said (per Blythe’s words), “That was the most dangerous 45 seconds of rock and roll I’ve seen in a long time.”

Randy Blythe shares Roadrunner signing story

“Roadrunner Records was coming to sign us; the owner, he had flown from Europe to see that show. We got on stage, and admittedly, I had had a few beers before we played. I came out and said, ‘We’re Lamb Of God, let’s do this!’

“[I] then went to stage dive and there was a little brass rail around the front of L’Amour; around the front stage, I don’t know why it was there. But it caught my foot, and I flew into the audience and knocked myself out. That was in the first like, minute of the show.

“[…] I woke up in an ambulance and I was like – I was with our merch guy – ‘How many songs did I make it through?’ He’s like, ‘None.’

“So the band was all bummed out because the owner of Roadrunner had come and they were going to sign us; he just wanted to see the band first. So everybody was like ‘Fuck!’, and it was like, ‘Well Randy, you blew it. We’re done. That’s it, no record deal.'”

Randy Blythe then shares the following, which includes the Roadrunner Records owner’s response to that on stage incident.

“Then our manager got a call from him the next day, or called him, and he was like, ‘Look man I’m really sorry about that; normally they play longer than a minute.

“And the owner said: That was the most dangerous 45 seconds of rock and roll I’ve seen in a long time. I want to sign that band.”

How fucking wild is that?! To go through such an injury and still impress the owner of a label – that is kick ass!

If you want to hear this story for yourself, you can find a video of that livestream below. The story starts around the 13:10 minute mark.

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