Watch: Lamb Of God Release Cryptic Teaser For Something Coming Out Next Week

Watch: Lamb Of God Release Cryptic Teaser For Something Coming Out Next Week
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Author: Michael Pementel

Via their social media channels, Lamb Of God have just posted a cryptic visual teaser that alludes to something coming out next week.

A caption associated with this visual teaser states, “Your omen awaits. #LOGomens.”

Could “Omens” be the name of a new Lamb Of God album? Perhaps a new single from the band?

In the visual teaser you will find below, there is a symbol in the shape of a bird – the image flickering as a television-like distortion plays. After a few seconds, a random symbol appears; it appears very briefly, but among the symbol are the numbers 6, 6, 22.

Our immediate assumption is that these numbers mean to represent June 6th, 2022. Which would mean that, whatever “#LOGomens” is, we will probably be learning more come next Monday.

If you want to check out this visual teaser for yourself, you can find that below:

We would love a new Lamb Of God album! Here is hoping that is what “#LOGomens” is about.

At the time of this writing, what is your favorite album from the band thus far?

The most recent studio album to come from the band is that of their 2020 self-titled release. The band also just wrapped up their co-headlining run of the 2022 Metal Tour Of The Year.

During that tour, band singer Randy Blythe ended up testing positive for COVID and had to sit out of a few shows. When it came to those shows, the band ended up recruiting some really awesome talent to step in for Blythe. Among that talent was that of Trivium singer Matt Heafy, Mark Hunter of Chimaira, In Flames singer Anders Fridén, and Fit For An Autopsy singer Joe Badolato.

You can find footage of all these performances via the links below:

Watch: Lamb of God Perform With Trivium, Chimaira, And In Flames Vocalists

Watch: Joe Badolato Of Fit For An Autopsy Performs “Laid To Rest” With Lamb Of God