‘It’s not my favorite’: Korn’s Brian Welch Speaks To His Issues Regarding The Band’s Album ‘Untouchables’

Antje Naumann (AllSystemsRed), CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Korn guitarist Brian Welch recently shared some personal issues he has with the band’s album Untouchables.

Untouchables, the fifth studio Korn album, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. In a recent conversation with Rock Sound, featuring Welch and Korn drummer Ray Luzier, the interviewer brings up the album’s anniversary; said interviewer shares that he spoke to band singer Jonathan Davis about the album, and the singer said (“basically”) that it is, flat out, his favorite record from the band.

The interviewer then asks Welch and Luzier their thoughts on Untouchables, and Welch shares the following:

“It’s not my favorite [album from the band]. I like the record a lot – I think it’s really good – but I love ‘Here To Stay’. That opening, that riff, those guitar tones we got, you can’t match ’em — it’s ours forever; it’s our sound forever. But yeah, that song hit hard.”

Brian Welch continues, speaking to what he found challenging in creating that album:

“But the record was kind of challenging. I attempted sobriety that record. And we actually went to Arizona and got all these mansions and started recording and writing in these houses. And most of ’em were party houses. And I’m trying to get sober. And we spent so much money on that record.”

He concludes with, “But it came out good. And we got some great memories.”

What are your thoughts on Untouchables? Back in May, we ranked all of the Korn albums from worst to best, and in our personal ranking, we placed Untouchables at 11th place. Below you can find what we had to say about that album, but if you want to read our entire Korn album ranking, click on the link below. You can also find that video interview with Welch talking about Untouchables below.

Untouchables is also another album that finds itself in awkward period for Korn. With the band’s previous album prior to this one (Issues) being quite a banger, Untouchables displays the band now playing into a comfortable flow of previously established songwriting structures and style. It is the same problem that the band’s next album, Take a Look in the Mirror, would also suffer from; we just argue that, as compared to “Mirrors,” Untouchables offers a greater catchy appeal.”

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