Kirk Hammet Says He’s ‘Afraid’ To Listen To The Band’s Collaborative Album ‘Lulu’ – Here’s Why

Kirk Hammet Says He's 'Afraid' To Listen To The Band's Collaborative Album 'Lulu' - Here's Why
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During a conversation where he spoke about the band’s collaborative album Lulu (featuring the late Lou Reed of Velvet Underground), Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet expressed that he’s “afraid” to listen to the record.

While talking with NME, the topic of Metallica’s 2011 collaborative record with Lou Reed is brought up; Lulu makes for the final recording that Lou Reed would ever be part of. In talking about this album, Kirk Hammett shares the following and speaks to why it is hard for him to listen to the record.

“That was one of the highest compliments I ever got as a musician and artist, and it was an incredible honour working with Lou Reed and I loved the ‘Lulu’ album. I remember Lou sharing with me that letter David Bowie sent to Lou: it was written on paper and it was such a glowing, gruelling appraisal of the ‘Lulu’ album.

“When Lou showed it to me, it brought me to tears bro! ‘Cause I might be some heavy metal guy but Lou Reed and David Bowie made tonnes of great music that has been a huge inspiration to me over the course of my life.

“It’s hard for me to listen back to ‘Lulu’ because it brings me back to that time – thinking about working with Lou and soaking up his vibe. It became a very emotional album for myself, and I’m afraid to listen to it!”

We understand where Hammett is coming from when he says it is hard for him to listen back to the album. We are glad that Hammett and the band got to have such a powerful experience working with the late and talented Lou Reed. What an incredible opportunity.

We personally think that Lulu is a great record – what are your thoughts on it?

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