‘It’s our Dark Side of the Moon’: Jonathan Davis Talks About His Favorite Korn Album, ‘Untouchables’

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Among the band’s discography, the Korn album that band singer Jonathan Davis loves the most is that of Untouchables. Untouchables is the fifth studio album from Korn and it recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Via a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Jonathan Davis spoke about the cost behind this album and went into how much he loves it. At one point, he even refers to it as the band’s “Dark Side of the Moon” (referring to Pink Floyd’s 1973 album of the same name).

When talking about the budget behind this record, Davis speaks to how a lot of it involved keeping the band’s touring crew on retainer. Per Davis:

“Simple fuckin’ thing. They say it cost around four million dollars to make. I’d say 3.1 of that was keeping our entire touring crew on retainer for two years. That was a dipshit move; we should have listened.”

The Korn singer then goes on to talk about why Untouchables is his favorite Korn album:

“It is! It’s a very important record – one that couldn’t be made in this day and age. I call it the ‘heavy metal Asia’ because of the production and sound-quality… people use it to tune their speakers to this day. It’s our Dark Side Of The Moon, I love it. And that’s exactly what I told [producer] Michael Beinhom – ‘I want this to be our Dark Side Of The Moon’. He said ‘Cool, it’s gonna take a long time.’”

For a band that has, at this point in time, released 14 studio albums, we find it really intriguing that Untouchables is Davis’ favorite album. What do you make of the record and that of Davis comparing it to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon?

In a different interview, Korn guitarist Brian Welch was also asked about the same record, but he has a much different opinion compared to Jonathan.

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