Jinjer To Embark On Special Charity Tour With Support From The Ukrainian Ministry Of Culture

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As of today, Jinjer have announced that they will be embarking on an European charity tour this summer, with said tour receiving special support from the Ukrainian Ministry Of Culture.

Since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (February 24th, 2022), the war in Ukraine has been ongoing. One of the most vocal metal bands speaking out against the war is the country’s own Jinjer. When this war began, the band went as far as cancelling all their North American tour dates (so they could return home and help their country) and starting a t-shirt charity campaign (which has allowed the band and their fans to provide a great deal of supplies to the Ukrainian people).

Click HERE to see the special donation merch that Napalm Records and Jinjer launched to help raise funds for the people of Ukraine.

Via a press release sent out today, the band have been given special permission by the Ukrainian Ministry Of Culture to exit the country and embark on a tour where they will help to raise funds and awareness regarding the war in Ukraine. Regarding this upcoming tour, the band’s bassist Eugene shared the following:

“We are very honored to announce that together with the help of the Ukrainian Ministry Of Culture, we have successfully been granted permission to travel abroad as ambassadors of our country to raise funds and awareness about the war raging back home. This is a huge honor for us as a band and as citizens. We will do our part to make sure that this war stops as soon as possible! Come support, dance and scream your hearts out for Ukraine!”

Along with the announcement of this European tour, the band have also released a music video for their song “Call Me a Symbol.” Regarding this video, Eugene adds the following:

“I think this video for ‘Call Me A Symbol’ will forever hold a special and unique place in our hearts as a band. Filmed on our short but awesome European Tour in 2021 tour that almost did not happen because of the pandemic, and now released at such a dark time in which our country has been invaded and there is war on the streets of our home. I really hope this video and this important time in history gives people a new perspective that there are always two sides to everything. Good and Evil, Just and unjust – cherish the good times and face the bad head on… but never ever give up.”

You can watch the music video for “Call Me a Symbol” below, as well as find the dates and locations for the band’s upcoming tour.

Jinjer To Embark On Special Charity Tour With Support From The Ukrainian Ministry Of Culture

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