Is Bam Margera Missing? A New Report Says The ‘Jackass’ Star Fled Rehab Facility

Is Bam Margera Missing? A New Report Says The 'Jackass' Star Fled Rehab Facility
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*Editor’s note: At the time of this update (June 16th), Bam has been found. Per TMZ, he was found in a nearby hotel and is returning to the facility he had fled from.

As per CBS News, ‘Jackass’ star, Bam Margera, has been reported missing since Monday.

The ‘Jackass’ star has been struggling with substance abuse for a long time, but recently completed one year of rehab. Even after a skateboarding injury that really messed up his wrist, Bam said he was determined to avoid pain medications.

This past Monday, June 13th, the manager of Margera’s rehab facility called police to report that Bam had left without authorization, despite being court-ordered to treatment. The rehab manager told the police that Margera was unsatisfied with the facility’s care and that he would check into a different one elsewhere.

The manager reported that Margera had left the rehab facility in a black Honda sedan.

However,  Margera has since posted 1 photo on his Instagram account (yesterday, June 14) with an individual he described as his new sponsor. Per the caption:

“MMA fighter, chiropractor and ten years sober Dominick, is my new AA sponsor.”

So while all mainstream news outlets are reporting Bam Margera as missing, the fact that he posted on social media does seem to suggest that he is safe despite his whereabouts being unknown.

In conclusion- we (and the internet at large) don’t know whether Bam is missing in general, or just from the facility he was court-ordered to remain in.

Regardless, we of course hope he is safe and well. We will keep you posted on this story as updates develop.


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