Iron Maiden Vocalist Is Asked If He Would Ever Get Into Politics – What Do You Think He Said?

Iron Maiden Vocalist Is Asked If He Would Ever Get Into Politics - What Do You Think He Said?
Bruce Dickinson: adels, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons/ Supreme Court: Joe Ravi, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Do you think Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson would make for a good politician? That is a recent question that came up during the latest episode of the podcast Psycho Schizo Espresso. During this conversation involving Dickinson, the Iron Maiden singer spoke to politics and heavy metal, providing some interesting insight.

Specifically, he speaks about the inclusive nature of the heavy metal community; how two people can come together and focus on enjoying music (even if they disagree on other subjects). Is that something you think is true? Politics tend to be a very touchy subject 99% of the time.

Regarding the heavy metal community discussing politics, the Iron Maiden vocalist shared the following (transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“There is definitely a strong sense of community, that’s for sure. And it’s nice because it transcends physical characteristics, it transcends racial characteristics and gender and all the things that we like to segment people and divvy them up. When it comes to heavy metal, nobody is bothered. If you’re a heavy metal fan, it’s just, like, ‘Oh, yeah. You’re a heavy metal fan.’ And if you think differently about something than me, we probably just won’t talk about that thing, but we’ll concentrate on the things that we agree on, which is that we love this music.”

The Iron Maiden frontman adds:

“Years ago, I said some quote in an interview, I said, ‘You know what? If heavy metal musicians were running the world, we’d be in a much better state. [Laughs]”

Dickinson is then asked if he would ever consider getting into politics. He provides the following response:

“No. Absolutely not. Absolutely not. You’ve got to be kidding. First of all, I’ve got a chin. Most politicians have got no chin, which has got consequences.”

There you have it folks – Dickinson is pretty adamant about never getting into politics. Regarding his other comment about metalheads, do you think he is right? That fellow metalheads can easily avoid heavy social/political topics they disagree on and still bond over music?

You can watch the full Psycho Schizo Espresso interview featuring the Iron Maiden vocalist below.

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