In An Incredible Act Of Kindness, Iron Maiden Will Cover The Medical Expenses Of Ex-Band Singer Paul Di’Anno

In An Incredible Act Of Kindness, Iron Maiden Will Cover The Medical Expenses Of Ex-Band Singer Paul Di'Anno
Paul Di'Anno: As fotos da Virada!, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons/ Iron Maiden: Derek Riggs, EMI
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In act of incredible kindness, Iron Maiden have stepped forward and covered the remaining medical expenses of ex-Maiden singer Paul Di’Anno.

Paul Di’Anno was the Iron Maiden singer from 1977 to 1981 – otherwise known as the first band singer. Among the studio records he contributed to, he worked on the following Iron Maiden albums: Iron Maiden (1980) and Killers (1981). He would eventually exit the band and Bruce Dickinson would step in as the new singer. Di’Anno has gone on to live a very successful music career after leaving Maiden.

The singer has been awaiting three major knee surgeries, and it has been confirmed that the remaining costs for his surgeries will be covered by Iron Maiden!

Kastro Pergjoni, the operations manager of Cart & Horses pub (a pub located in England where Maiden made their debut), recently wrote a message via Facebook regarding the band helping out Paul Di’Anno. Pergjoni has helped raise thousands of dollars for Di’Anno’s operations as well.

Per Pergjoni:

“Announcement on Paul Di’Anno’s fundraising! I am very excited to announce that the Iron Maiden team have kindly agreed to cover the remaining cost of Paul Di’Annio’s operation. Not only are Iron Maiden the best band on this planet, they are kind-hearted and supported by an amazing team.

“I would like to express my huge thanks to everyone that has donated, you all made a difference and made this happen for Paul. There are so many individuals and bands who have worked with me behind the scenes on this tremendous journey. I’m so grateful and thankful to you all, I’d love to name every single one of you but it would be a never-ending list as there are SO many of you, you guys are incredible!”

You can read the full statement from Pergjoni via the Cart & Horses Facebook here.

This is a truly beautiful and kind gesture from the band. Di’Anno is an incredibly important part of Iron Maiden history, helping to kick off the band’s journey and set them on a path towards greatness.

We wish Di’Anno all the best in his upcoming procedures, as well as a speedy recovery.

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