Watch: Back in 1998, Foo Fighters Singer Dave Grohl And Slayer Had A Wholesome Encounter At Ozzfest

Foo Fighters Singer Was Geeking Out Big Time When He Met Slayer
Slayer Kerry King Backstage Ozzfest UK 1998 - Mats Engesten, YouTube (originally from MTV)
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Back in 1998, Foo Fighters singer and guitarist Dave Grohl got to meet Slayer and was bursting at the seems with excitement.

That year, Slayer and Foo Fighters were part of Ozzfest, playing alongside acts such as Soulfly, Fear Factory, Neurosis, Black Sabbath, Pantera, and many more. This particular Ozzfest show was based in the UK. As reported by Metal Hammer, Korn were actually meant to play in-between Pantera and Slayer, but something came up, and the nu metal act could not perform their set. This meant that Foo Fighters were now going to play as the band between Pantera and Slayer (that is one hell of a a lineup on its own).

Having the chance to be part of Ozzfest was a great delight for the Foo Fighters singer; at one point during a video tour with MTV and Slayer, Grohl comes up to Slayer singer and bassist Tom Araya and band guitarist Kerry King for a brief conversation. One can clearly see that Grohl is ecstatic to meet the thrash metal icons. The majority of the conversation is between Dave and Tom, with the two having some fun back and forth banter.

Below we located a video of that MTV/Slayer backstage experience at Ozzfest; you will find Slayer chatting it up with various fans, as well as talking with Pantera singer Phil Anselmo at one point. Towards the end of the video, that wholesome conversation between Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl and Tom Araya appears.

What a really awesome moment for a young Dave Grohl! That must have been such an incredible experience for Foo Fighters to not only be part of Ozzfest, but to also play right in the middle of Pantera and Slayer. That is fucking awesome! If you are someone who has ever attended an Ozzfest, what is your favorite line-up from the heavy metal festival?

While Grohl and Slayer seem to have had a great time at the festival though, not everyone’s experience with Ozzfest has been super fun…

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