Holy S***, This Drummer Performs A Slipknot Cover With Only One Arm And Kills It!

Holy S***, This Drummer Performs A Slipknot Cover With Only One Arm And Kills It!
Joey Jordison: Stuart Sevastos, CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia/ elestepariosiberiano TikTok
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A drummer who goes by the name of elestepariosiberiano on TikTok recently performed a Slipknot cover using only one arm – and his performance is fucking incredible.

The song that elestepariosiberiano decides to perform is that of “Eyeless” (which is from the band’s debut studio album). We have written about elestepariosiberiano in the past (so prior to checking out this video, we were aware of his awesome talent). That said, we were not expecting such a stunningly aggressive Slipknot cover.

The decision to play with one arm comes from a follower of elestepariosiberiano’s; throughout his performance of “Eyeless,” elestepariosiberiano holds onto a drink with one arm, while using the other arm to play the song. Now, when you think about the ferocity of “Eyeless” and all the technical finesse that original Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison put into that song – it might be a tad difficult to imagine that track being played with just one arm.

But elestepariosiberiano will prove anyone wrong who thinks just that. You can check out his Slipknot cover below.

elestepariosiberiano covers Slipknot song

@elestepariosiberiano Reply to @ribsbely Sounds similar! #foryou #xyzbca #fypシ #drums #epic ♬ original sound – elestepariosiberiano

Without a doubt, that is some truly amazing work! Holy shit! What are your thoughts on elestepariosiberiano’s drumming?

When it comes to other Slipknot covers, we have seen some really impressive work over the past few months. There is that of UK drummer Caleb Hayes who was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show (and who ended up getting a shout out from current Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg); there is also that of the little kid who performed an awesome vocal cover of the band’s song “Psychosocial.” The O’Keefe Music Foundation also released a video that features a group of kids covering the band’s song “Wait and Bleed” (with a 9-year-old on vocal duty). You can find the links to all these stories below.

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