Lamb Of God Guitarist Mark Morton Says His Daughter Feels Bad For People Who Listen To Machine Gun Kelly

Lamb Of God Guitarist Mark Morton Says His Daughter Feels Bad For People Who Listen To Machine Gun Kelly
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Author: Michael Pementel

The 11-year-old daughter of Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton feels bad for folks who listen to Machine Gun Kelly, and honestly, that is one of the funniest things we have read in some time.

This news comes from Morton himself, who shared his 11-year-old daughter’s thoughts about the rapper turned pop punk star turned back to rapper. Via a tweet he shared, Mark Morton wrote:

“My 11 year old daughter just told me that she feels bad for people that listen to Machine Gun Kelly.”

Kids are wiser than we think when it comes to society and understanding good/bad music. What do you think about what Morton’s kid has to say about Machine Gun Kelly?

It has been awhile since Colson (legal first name of Machine Gun Kelly) has been in the news. Last we heard from the guy, he was done with pop punk and wanted to return to making rap again. This decision is of course coming from the guy who said that his 2020 album, Tickets To My Downfall, helped to “revive rock.”

Prior to exiting the world of pop punk however, Machine Gun Kelly performed a cover of a System of a Down song. System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian shared his thoughts on MGK’s cover, and he kept things friendly.

Some months ago, we wrote an op-ed regarding the success of MGK and why we feel the genres of metal, rock, and punk deserve better. (Please note that this article was written and published back in April).

Below you will find an excerpt from that op-ed; to read the whole article, follow the link below the excerpt:

While it is a VERY unpopular opinion… given the numbers behind Mainstream Sellout… is MGK in fact helping rock? If you look at the current Billboard 200 albums chart as of today’s writing – if you don’t count the plethora of Greatest Hits albums on the chart – there are roughly FOUR other rock/heavy related albums on there. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge from My Chemical Romance sits at #100, Back In Black by AC/DC is placed at #125, Impera by Ghost is at #135, and the Black Album by Metallica is at #176. Where’s Immutable by Meshuggah (which just came out on April 1st)?

Opinion: MGK’s “Mainstream Sellout” Is Crushing It In Sales – Metal/Rock/Punk Deserve Better