Watch: Bam Margera Broke His Wrist In A Painful Skateboarding Accident

Watch: Bam Margera Broke His Wrist In A Painful Skateboarding Accident
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Author: Michael Pementel

As reported by TMZ, Bam Margera broke his wrist via a painful skateboarding accident.

The Jackass star recently celebrated one year of sobriety, and had shared in a prior interview with TMZ that he would continue attending outpatient treatment classes over the next couple months.

The day of Margera’s accident, he says he was attending an AA meeting across the street, and at one point, the meeting took a 30-minute break. It was during that time that Margera thought he would hit up a nearby skatepark.

In the video you will find below involving the Jackass star’s skateboarding accident, you will see a moment where he attempts to do a trick, but ends up slipping and landing on his wrist in a graphic manner. TMZ says Margera told them that he hadn’t tried to do the trick in over a year; in attempting said trick, his arm ended up bending backwards, with some bones nearly breaking his skin.

Given that Bam Margera is currently working through addiction recovery, he has declined to take any pain meds to help him with this injury.

The pain must be brutal, but Bam is determined to move forward in his recovery.

You can find the video obtained by TMZ below that features Bam Margera injuring his wrist during a skateboarding accident.

What do you think about Bam’s accident? If you happen to skate (or partake in any sort of sport), what is the worst injury you have had to deal with?

Below you’ll find some pictures he shared related to his injury, via his Instagram account. In a caption associated with those photos, he wrote:

Healing does not mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives. 🤘💜 #fuCKYeah #bamsback #bamsfree #phoenixwolf”


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