Amon Amarth Announce New Album And Share Music Video For ‘Get In The Ring’

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Author: Michael Pementel

Viking metalheads Amon Amarth have announced that they have a brand new album coming out this year! The Great Heathen Army is the 12th studio album from the band, and it will be out on August 5th.

Speaking to the announcement of The Great Heathen Army, Amon Amarth singer Johan Hegg shares:

“Overall ‘The Great Heathen Army’ is one of the heavier albums we’ve made. There are some dark and heavy songs that are really powerful and in-your-face, but we obviously have some trademark melodic Amon Amarth songs on there as well, and a few surprises too. It’s a really well-balanced album. It sounds great. Andy Sneap is awesome. It was great to be able to work with him again.”

Gutiarist Olavi Mikkonen adds:

“We’ve been away making new music and we’re back with new darker, more death-metal sounding album. If ‘Berserker’ was our ‘heavy metal’ album, then The Great Heathen Army is our ‘death metal’ album. But with that said, it’s still very much contemporary Amon Amarth, but perhaps style-wise we have gone back to our roots a little bit.”

The band have also released a new music video for their song “Get In The Ring,” which you can check out below.

Regarding the release of the band’s new single, Mikkonen continues:

“I really like ‘Get In The Ring’ which was written for our friend Erick Redbeard the pro wrestler as an ‘entrance’ song for him. The lyrics are obviously written to fit both Viking and wrestling themes, and you can also see Erick as the lead character in the new video for the song. We shot the video in Wroclaw, Poland with our friends Grupa 13 and they helped us create this dark and epic Mad Max meets Viking underground super brutal fight club for the video clip.”

The track listing for The Great Heathen Army is as follows (you will also find the album cover below):

1.    Get In the Ring
2.    The Great Heathen Army
3.    Heidrun
4.    Oden Owns You All
5.    Find a Way or Make One
6.    Dawn of Norsemen
7.    Saxons and Vikings
8.    Skagul Rides With Me
9.    The Serpent’s Trail

Amon Amarth Announce New Album And Share Music Video For 'Get In The Ring'

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