Watch: Wrestler Brody King Tosses Fellow Wrestler Darby Allin Into Mosh Pit During Code Orange Show

Foto: Stefan Brending
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During a recent live show involving Code Orange, things got extra rowdy.

While concerts have been known to include moshing, slam dancing, crowd surfing and stage diving – we have never seen someone get thrown overhead from a stage and into a mosh pit.

Well that is exactly what went down at a recent Code Orange show between two pro wrestlers.

Via the Code Orange Instagram account, the band shared a brief clip of pro AEW (All Elite Wrestling) star Brody King picking up fellow AEW star Darby Allin over his head and tossing him into a mosh pit. Per the caption associated with the video, the band wrote the following:

when the @allelitewrestling boys are in the same town as us… duck @darbyallin @brodyxking”

You can find the video of this insane moment below.

Wrestler Brody King throws Darby Allin into Code Orange pit



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HOLY SHIT! That is awesome as hell!

It isn’t every day that you find a pro wrestler tossing another pro wrestler into a mosh pit. That is one hell of a show if we do say so ourselves.

The band have been vocal in the past about their love for wrestling, so it is super cool to see both them and the world of wrestling joining forces again.

Below you will find a couple videos of the band performing for WWE related events.


It is also worth noting that Brody King happens to be in a hardcore band himself! King’s band is called God’s Hate and he provides the vocals for the band. You can check out the band’s song “War Man” below.

The latest album from Code Orange is their 2020 album Underneath. The latest album from God’s Hate is their self-titled release from 2021.


Words by: Michael Pementel