Widow Of Late All That Remains Guitarist Talks About ‘Mystery Woman’ Who May Be Involved In His Death

Widow Of Late All That Remains Guitarist Talks About 'Mystery Woman' Who May Be Involved In His Death
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Author: Michael Pementel

It has been almost four years since All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert passed away. Herbert was found dead in a pond located on his property. While the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Farmington, Connecticut, ruled that Oli died from drowning, the manner of his death was “undetermined.”

There is obviously a great deal of mystery that surrounds this case, and Herbert’s widow, Beth Herbert, has come under scrutiny. As reported by the Daily Mail, Beth says she has been wrongly targeted by police who have tried to “railroad” her into a confession, as well as had those close to Oli accuse her of drugging the late guitarist before pushing him into the pond.

After all these years though, Beth has decided to speak to this case. Regarding allegations made against her and her willingness to speak to the Daily Mail, Beth shared, “Everybody’s telling me to shut up, but all shutting up has done is let this stuff solidify as truth, and it’s not.”

In the article written up by the Daily Mail, it is shared that Beth was the last person to see Oli before his passing; it is also noted that she had him sign a will a week before his death. This will left everything of the late All That Remains guitarist to Beth. Beth says the timing of this was purely coincidental.

But this decision of Oli’s confused several folks who were close to him, given that they had heard that he was considering divorce at the time. Among the accusations made against Beth, several folks brought up Beth as a practicing witch, who would at times, reportedly, cast spells upon her own husband. In a social media campaign striving to find justice for Oli – called “Justice for Oli” – “#burnthewitch” became a popular hashtag among the campaign’s followers.

Regarding her pagan beliefs and interactions with police, Beth told the Daily Mail, “The police department tried to get an arrest warrant based on witchcraft, saying I was casting black spells on him and slipping him drugs.”

In this new article with the Daily Mail, Beth talks about the last time she saw Oli alive. She mentions how he was “out of it,” and how when she offered for them to go to bed, he decided to stay up. She would later be woken up by some bumping downstairs, and upon going downstairs, she didn’t see Oli. He would later be found dead in the pond.

A medical report for Oli shares that there were no signs of foul play; he had three prescription drugs in his system, with the report also sharing, “Mr. Herbert’s past medical history is reportedly significant for marijuana use.”

However, in the 12 page report, obtained by DailyMail.com, there is a detail that indicates something that went unreported in prior media coverage. Three months before his death, Oli had apparently gone to the police to report a mystery woman who had pushed him into that same pond where he would later be found dead.

When Beth was asked about this, she spoke to an odd incident where a random woman showed up to their house one night (the woman only going by the name of Penelope). The couple were looking for a dog of theirs when Penelope randomly appeared.

Beth shared, “Penelope was weaving in and out of the bushes. She told us her name. Oli said he did not know her. I was like, who the hell is that?

“She told me, ‘I’m Penelope, and I heard you guys calling for your dog and came to help.’

“So the three of us were supposed to look for the dog, but she was watching, not helping. She stared at us. I heard movement, thought it was the dog. Then all of a sudden Penelope pushes [Oli] over [a nearby] ledge. Then she ran off.”

This is one hell of a wild story with a whole lot to juggle. It is horrible what happened to Oli, and we hope that he is at peace.

The Daily Mail conversation with Oli’s widow Beth goes into even more details, which if you want to check those out, you can follow this link here.