Watch: Metalhead YouTuber Teaches His Computer How To Create Metalcore Music

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Metalhead YouTuber Dennis Martensson creates procedurally generated music, typically within the genres of djent and progressive metal – but now he has taken it upon himself to work within the metalcore genre.

More specifically though, Dennis Martensson has taught his computer how to create metalcore music. In one of Martensson’s latest videos, he takes audiences through the process of teaching his computer how to create music that offers qualities found within early 2000s era metalcore.

Per the description associated with Dennis Martensson’s latest YouTube video involving procedurally generated music:

“Metalcore used to be one of my favourite genres in the 2000s, with bands like Parkway Drive, The Devil Wears Prada and August Burns Red, and after releasing my “10 Levels Of (2000’s) Metalcore”, I got comments saying I should do Procedurally Generated Metalcore™. And well, I’ve worked on it a bit, and wanted to share my progress with you. So, here it is. : D”

The description goes on with Martensson sharing more technical matters involving how he went about teaching his computer to create metalcore music.

If you would like to check out the video of the metalhead YouTuber teaching his computer how to create metalcore music, you can find that video below:

What are your thoughts on this video and the computer creating music? Pretty neat right?

In other news related to the metalcore genre (or specifically, the early 2000s when the genre boomed in popularity), Killswitch Engage singer Jesse Leach recently shared that he feels that the genre became “oversaturated.”

In talking about the early 2000s and the metalcore scene associated with that time, Leach shared:

“I have a different perspective. I was only half paying attention to the scene because after I left Killswitch [in 2002] I got more into doom and stoner rock, but these younger bands felt derivative to me. The good ones found their sound over time, but there was an over-saturation of bands who were churning out this big riff, heavy verse, melodic chorus thing. It felt tired, like labels were looking for those bands because they sounded like a band who were becoming successful.”

To read more about that story, you can click on the link below.

Killswitch Engage Singer Says Metalcore Genre Became “Oversaturated” And Younger Bands Sounded “Derivative”


Words by: Michael Pementel