Watch: While Isolating With COVID, Ozzy Makes A FaceTime Call To His Dog

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Last week it was reported that Ozzy Osbourne tested positive for COVID. At the time of that reporting, Ozzy’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, said she was “very worried” about him and would be flying out to be with him.

The good news is that it seems Ozzy is in fact doing relatively okay! To pass the time while he is isolating himself, Ozzy has been FaceTiming with that of the family dog Rocky, a Pomeranian. In the video you will find below, Ozzy makes a FaceTime call to Sharon, but immediately asks to see Rocky. After complaining that he can’t see the dog, Sharon turns the camera and Ozzy’s mood immediately lifts – ecstatic to see his little Pomeranian.

Footage of Ozzy talking to his little Pomeranian Rocky comes from his son Jack Osbourne’s Instagram account; Jack also speaks to Ozzy’s excitement in seeing the family dog. At the beginning of the video, Jack says, “Dad’s on the phone to Rocky. One might think Dad gets more excited over things about his Pomeranian than anything else.”

Per the caption associated with this footage, Jack Osbourne wrote, “Update: Dad is on the mend and still FaceTiming the dogs 🤦🏻‍♂️ Thank you for all the love & support!”

You can watch Ozzy Osbourne making a FaceTime call to his Pomeranian Rocky below:


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Isn’t that just super wholesome? We are very glad that Ozzy seems to be doing relatively well under these circumstances. We wish him all the best in his recovery.

In other news related to the legendary rocker, Ozzy Osbourne recently announced that his new album is complete. Per a post Ozzy Osbourne made on his Instagram account roughly a couple weeks ago regarding his new album, he wrote the following:

“I’m so happy to let everyone know that I finished my new album this week and delivered it to my label @EpicRecords. I’ll be sharing all the information about the album and its’ upcoming release with you in the next several weeks.”


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Words by: Michael Pementel