Watch: Cult of Luna Turned A Song Of Theirs Into A Video Game

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It isn’t every day that you hear a band took one of their songs and turned it into a video game – but Cult of Luna did just that.

Rather than release a typical music video for their song “Cold Burn” – which is a track off their latest 2022 album The Long Road North – the band decided to release a video game for the song. This interactive game/song is in collaboration with creative agency North Kingdom / NoA.

Per a press release provided about the game:

“The player’s mission is to help a ‘lost light’ to escape the darkness, and to find its way home through a dystopian maze. The player can also gather other lights and bring them to The Mother Light, at the center of the maze.

“The single has been rebuilt in the real-time tool Unreal Engine, to dynamically adapt to how the player navigates the gaming experience’s world. This makes each experience unique in the dynamic version.”

Below is a comment provided by Johannes Persson of Cult of Luna:

For as long as we have known Linus Johansson of North Kingdom, which spans from the Leave me here video in 2004, he’s always tried to push interactivity and blur the line between the artist and the art. So it came as no surprise to us when he suggested making a video game out of the Cold burn video. “Go right ahead,” we said and now we are as intrigued by the result as we hope you are.”

You can find footage of the Cult of Luna video game below:

The game is available to play now (for FREE) via Steam.

Honestly, we have to say – this is really friggin’ cool. Bands and artists are always looking for unique angels to engage with their audiences, and this is by far one of the most fascinating approaches we have seen in some time.

Will you be trying this Cult of Luna game out for yourself?


Words by: Michael Pementel