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Among the new wave of American death metal, Undeath are one of the most thrilling and gruesome acts kicking ass today.

The band just released their second studio album, titled, It’s Time… To Rise From the Grave, and they are currently on tour with Dying Fetus, Chelsea Grin, Bodysnatcher, and Frozen Soul.

One of the songs off the band’s latest record that really caught our attention is their single “Necrobionics”; while we love the sonic death metal ferocity that this song provides, we also love the fact that it is a homage to the iconic first-person shooter video game, Doom. You can check out the band’s lyric video for “Necrobionics” below.

Recently, via an exclusive video shared with Metal Injection, Undeath guitarist Kyle Beam shared what he believes to be the best video games for metalheads. Beam provides several games for metalheads to check out, and though we won’t spoil his picks here – all we’ll say is that he mentions some awesome titles.

Undeath talk video games for metalheads

Do you agree with Beam’s picks? What video games do you think are perfect for metalheads?

We recently spoke with Undeath vocalist Alex Jones, and among the topics we talked about, the singer spoke to his and the band’s love for Doom. You can find the excerpt below from our interview where Jones talks about Doom influencing the band’s music; to read the full interview, you can click on the link below.

The Pit: In the case of your song “Necrobionics,” that track involves several awesome nods to the video game Doom. What was the reason to explore that video game?

Alex Jones: You know, we’ve been fucking around in Doom related subject matter since the beginning of this band. Sentient Autolysis, our second demo, there are at least two songs on that demo that are about Doom pretty much. The imagery of having demons and zombies, and graphing machine guns onto them – it has always been very enticing to us. It’s something we explore over and over again. The song “Enhancing The Dead” is obviously about that; “Necrobionics” is obviously about that. We were actually joking that, because they are back to back on the track list, that we would call “Necrobionics” and “Enhancing The Dead” the “Necrobionics Suite” – call them part one and part two. But that was a little too ridiculous, even for us.

Doom is a sick game; it’s a game that Kyle, me, and the other guys in the band enjoy. It’s just full of great heavy metal energy. It is this endless well spring of inspiration for us; it tends to be something we come back to a lot.

Undeath Vocalist Alex Jones Talks Band’s New Album And Hardcore/Punk Music Inspiring New Wave Of Death Metal


Words by: Michael Pementel