Watch: There Is A New Genre In Town Folks, And It Is Called “Deathgaze”

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When death metal and shoegaze collide – apparently you get “deathgaze.”

We can’t say we’ve ever heard the term before, but apparently, Mark Garrett is a YouTuber who is popularizing such a musical concept.

Via a conversation with Metal Hammer, Garrett was interviewed about his YouTube channel and his deathgaze music. For those unaware, Garrett’s channel has 100,000 subscribers and 8 million views. When not reacting or critiquing other vocal performances, he is working on music via his band Kardashev.

It is through Kardashev that Garrett presents the world his brand of “deathgaze.”

When asked just what the heck deathgaze is, Garrett shared the following:

“It was Nico [Mirolla, guitars] who came up with it. I was very sceptical of coining a new genre term – I thought it was super pompous – but it’s worked very well. Essentially, deathgaze is a combination of the aggression and movement of death metal with the emotion and openness of shoegaze. I don’t think anyone listening to Kardashev would say, ‘This sounds exactly like shoegaze,’ but that’s a conscious effort. A lot of bands mixing genres go from one to the other, whereas we try to be really cohesive and blend these sounds together. We create this very atmospheric, washed-out sound.”

If you check out the video below that features a song from Kardashev, you’ll find that Garrett’s deathgaze style very much utilizes a light, droning atmosphere, with Garrett delivering a blend of heavy and clean vocals. This combination has some touches of deathcore and doom qualities in the presentation as well.

Check out the video below of the song and let us know what you think. Do you feel that the band have created a new genre of heavy music?

Kardashev have a new album titled Liminal Rite coming out via Metal Blade Records. It will be available on June 10th.


Words by: Michael Pementel