The Home Of Late Pantera Drummer Vinnie Paul Has Been Demolished

The Home Of Late Pantera Drummer Vinnie Paul Has Been Demolished
Vinnie Paul: Pantera Instagram / Vinnie Paul's home: D-Rock Walker
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Author: Michael Pementel

The Arlington, Texas home of late Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul has unfortunately been demolished.

Earlier this year, Attila frontman Chris Fronzak and Avenged Sevenfold singer M. Shadows shared interest in buying Paul’s home; come this past February however, the Arlington, Texas home of Vinnie Paul was sold to an unknown buyer.

While some metalheads may feel honored and excited to live in the home of a heavy metal legend, whoever owns Paul’s old property has decided to tear it down.

This past April, Derek “D-Rock” Walker, a former promotional director for the Ride For Dime charity event, shared some photos on his Facebook page of Paul’s Arlington, Texas property being demolished. Along with these photos, he shared the following statement:

“Absolutely gut wrenching and heartbreaking. This is what remains of the monument that was Vinnie Paul‘s home in Arlington, Texas.

“This was not only a heavy metal landmark, but a staple in Pantera‘s rock and roll legacy. Sold off to private investors to be leveled for a new build. If you were fortunate enough to be invited over, cherish the memories forever…

“Ironically enough the last photo of Vinnie Paul’s Play House, the ‘Brick Wall’ stands alone.”

What are your thoughts on the late Pantera drummer’s home being torn down?

In other news related to Vinnie Paul, the drummer’s estate recently went up for auction (and it includes some personal memorabilia). The following details below mention what is part of the auction:

“This historical auction is the ultimate Vinnie Paul celebration. Among the many highlights are several drum kits from his Pantera, Damageplan and Hellyeah tours including the kit he played last, a collection of guitars, including a vintage Dimebag Darrell Washburn, custom slot machines, every imaginable record award, clothing, artwork, autographed items, home furnishings, photos, posters, and just about every laminated pass ever issued to Vinnie Paul. Additionally, Vinnie was a huge hockey, football and baseball fan, leaving behind a massive collection of sports memorabilia with a heavy emphasis on his hometown heroes: The Dallas Stars, The Dallas Cowboys and The Texas Rangers. Highlight pieces include an array of autographed sports collectibles, seats from the original Dallas Cowboys stadium, hockey sticks, helmets, and a massive amount of jerseys.”

To learn more about this auction, follow the link below:

Personal Memorabilia Of Late Pantera Drummer Vinnie Paul Will Be Going Up For Auction