The Darkness Singer Talks About Metallica Guitarist James Hetfield Offering Him Support During A Difficult Time

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Back in the day, when The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins found himself in a rough place, none other than Metallica guitarist James Hetfield reached out to offer him some help.

In a recent video that is part of Hawkins’ YouTube channel – where he critiques vocal performances – Hawkins covered pop star Miley Cyrus’ performing with the band for their song “Nothing Else Matters.”

Before he even goes into bringing up any critique though, Hawkins speaks to how much he loves the band:

“I love Metallica. Let’s just get that out there: Metallica’s amazing. It’s a rite of passage – if you haven’t seen Metallica live, you must do so at some point in your lifetime. Those guys really kick ass, always have, I don’t care what anybody says.”

Hawkins continues, speaking to Metallica guitarist James Hetfield reaching out to him when he was struggling:

“We actually did a bit of touring with Metallica. We played with them in Ireland and we played with them in Australia. And James Hetfield could recognize in me that I might have been struggling a little bit with certain behaviors [does a drinking motion with hands]. He was really kind; he took me to one side and gave me his number and was like, If you ever need to talk to anybody. Just really supportive and an excellent person.”

Hawkins then adds a side comment about Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, saying he was an “excellent person” as well, but in another way:

“Lars Ulrich was an excellent person but in the other way. He was somebody that encouraged me to party and partied with me, so happy days one and all.”

That is really cool of James to reach out to Hawkins and provide his support. What a truly awesome dude! You can find the full video of Justin Hawkins talking about James Hetfield (and Cyrus’ performance) below.

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Words by: Michael Pementel